Monday, September 10, 2007 a fox

Things at the Southern Fried Vegan house have gotten a little frantic lately with very late nights and very early mornings, leaving little time for blogging.

Fall gets more than little busy around here, especially this year with both work and play. I'm in the process of organizing the first ever Vegan Freak bowling team and just finished putting together a vegan bake swap. Aside from that I'm trying to get the fruits and veggies from the farmers market that are going out of season prepared and frozen for the winter and attempting to cook our weekday meals ahead so that we have more time for other much neglected things, specifically biking and the ever-growing pile of laundry that's taking over our house.

When things settle down a bit in the next few days I promise I'll have more to post.

In the mean time, I encourage everyone to check out Hidden Kitchens Texas Stories. Parts of the broadcast are pretty damn NOT VEGAN, but it's definitely worth a listen. It's narrated by Willie Nelson and really gets to the heart and soul of food and its significance at the Texas table.